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Technology Fee

The 2007 Florida Legislature amended Florida Statutes, Section 1009.24, to establish a technology fee beginning with the fall term of the 2009-2010 academic year. The revenue from this fee shall be used to enhance instructional technology resources for students and faculty. If you wish to submit a proposal please refer to the guidelines, complete the appropriate proposal form, and submit by the deadline indicated below.

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UPDATE: AY 2020-2021 Technology Fee Announcement

The shift to a lengthy period of remote working necessitated by the Coronavirus has required a change in the technology fee procedure for AY 2020-2021. Several projects approved by this year's Technology Fee Committee could not be initiated and will take 12 months or more from the time the campus re-opens to be completed. Building walk-throughs by Facilities, OIR, and Telecommunications that are needed for planning new projects cannot be conducted. However, we want to maintain forward momentum on keeping UCF's core instructional technology updated and serviceable.

Thus, for the coming year we will be implementing the following changes:

  • The annual technology fee request for proposal (RFP) process will pause for AY 2020-2021; the next RFP solicitation will be in fall 2021.
  • Instead, we will work with student government representatives to develop a short list of worthy instructional technology projects that provide value to students, conform to technology fee guidelines, require no new walk-throughs, and are feasible to implement in a timely manner.
  • Classrooms in need of upgrade will receive priority, and OIR will coordinate in collaboration with the colleges.
  • Student government will assemble a group of students from across campus to review the project concepts and determine funding allocations.
  • A portion of AY 2020-2021 technology fee funds will be set aside for emergencies.
  • Implementation of previously-approved and funded projects will continue when possible within health and safety guidelines.

Contingency Projects

Announcements on funding of contingency projects will go out in mid-May. Current revenue projections are below the level needed to fund all AY 2019-2020 contingency project; however, any contingency projects not funded in the May announcement will be funded in fall. Please contact Karen Cobbs or Olga Arce if you have any questions.

Procuring on Technology Fee Projects

To comply with the directive below the Technology Fee office will seek approvals for purchases over $10,000. Please continue to procure per the current established purchasing guidelines and note that VP approval for Technology Fee Projects will be managed by the Technology Fee office.

We are asking that items not be shipped to anyone’s residence. The Technology Product Center has agreed hold equipment for future pick-up. Please note, this applies only to items procured through the TPC.

COVID-19 Purchase Restrictions — April 1, 2020

By presidential directive, all purchases over $10,000 that are not C&G funded are suspended effective immediately and until further notice. Requisitions and contracts already submitted for purchases over $10k may be approved, but all requisitions and contracts submitted as of today will be subject to the new purchase limit.

This restriction is only for new purchases—ongoing payments and current contractual obligations will not be affected. Exemptions may be granted for essential items, e.g., distance learning and software renewals.

To apply for an exemption, departments must document why their purchase is essential and obtain vice presidential approval. Email approvals attached to the requisition or contract will be accepted. Purchases must also be approved by Joel Levenson, Assistant Vice President for Tax, Payables, and Procurement. Departments are encouraged to reach out to him in advance for approval.

All other procurement processes will continue as usual, with the added stipulation that non-C&G funded purchases over $10k will require vice presidential and procurement approval.